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Spelling Class

Being the cornerstone of developing vocabulary, excellent writing and  comprehension skill as well as broad academic success at school, spelling is a skill too important to be left unmonitored by parents at the early primary stage! Check if your child's spelling skill is up to their year level and, when necessary, seek assistance to help them build up solid skill and knowledge of spelling patterns today! Better spelling lays down foundation for academic success in the future!


Year 1- Year 2
Fluent Speller 流利拼写

At year 1-2, we help students consolidate knowledge of fundamental spelling patterns such as digraphs, split digraphs, trigraphs. At this level, we also guide our students will also be guided to identify patterns among words look similar or sound same, so that students can easily grasp skills for spelling tricky words.

Year 3-4
Super Speller拼写之星

At year 3-4, we focus on improving students' knowledge of suffix, word roots to help them have vocabulary explosion by mastering how to make new words.

With a systematic word bank, we help students to build up knowledge of sophisticated vocabularies and enable them to master spelling of them in an easy way.

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