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Closing Reading

A strong reading skill means not only to be able to correctly sound out the words in a text but, more importantly, to understand and to learn more from the text. 

Our systematically organised reading material that engage students' attention set us apart from other reading classes, because students learn more and deep when they are engaged and interested in what they read.



Year 1- Year 2
Fluent Readers流利阅读

At year 1-2, we focus on increasing students' familiarity with a wide range of text types, and helping them develop skills of summarising, finding key information, tracking plots of stories, comprehending key ideas in texts and expanding vocabulary.

Year 5
Communicative Reader

At Year 5, we focus on helping students familiarise with skills of uncovering links and relationship between what they read and the real world, so as to enable them to better understand themes in texts and to communicate their thoughts in relation to the themes and their implications on the real world. In this way, they will be prepared for the purpose of reading for analysis.

Year 3-4
Close Readers文本精读

At year 3-4, we focus on helping students developing skills of drawing inference, such as inferring characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions and justifying their inferences with evidence from the text. 

Year 6
Analytical Reader

At Year 6, we focus on preparing students for senior year English skills by guiding them to read for an analytical purpose. From identifying author's narrative, literary devices to themes in the text, students will be empowered with skills of critically reading a text so as to create various types of writings based on their reading.

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