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​Writing Class

Aligned to Australia's National Curriculum standard on writing, we offer progressive writing classes to strengthen student's writing skills. With a leading writing plans, we can give students step-by-step guidance to equip them with create plots, intensify tensions, and weave themes into stories seamlessly. You can notice progress in your child's writing just with a few lessons. 


Year 2-4 
Creative Writing

With our progressive lesson plans, our students will learn to CREATE stories step by step in a fun encouraging environment. Every child is a natural storyteller, and we are proud of being able to help them unleash their power.

Year 7-8
Text Response Writing

From directing students to strategically read the text to brainstorming "big ideas" for an essay, our dedicated lessons will stretch student's writing ability to another level, so that they will start laying down solid foundation for the text response essay writing in VCE English exam.

Year 5-6
Persuasive Writing

Student will learn the art of persuasion with effective class plans and writing practice, building confidence in developing strong persuasive arguments well supported with carefully contemplated evidence.

Year 9-10
Analytical Writing

Our systematically progressive lessons and course materials will help students overcome the daunting task of analytical writing in senior levels. Students who master the core skills of analysing a text definitely have more control and confident over the analytical essay writing in their VCE English exam.

​Exam Preparation

Our program is designed to help our students prepare exams in a most efficient way, so that they can have more precious time for consolidate and strengthen all areas to be examined. In this way, our students are empowered to achieve their optimal results in the meantime of have a life under pressure. 


Year 11-12

Our VCE/EAL prep lessons are designed to systematically strengthen students' skills of writing various responses designated by the examination board. With thorough lectures from experienced tutors and ample essay samples to tap into, our students are best equipped with keys to conquer their English exams. 

AEAS Test Preparation

Our AEAS test prep lessons are designed to help students grasp the core English skills required for achieving their optimal results in the four areas of listening, writing, reading and speaking. Our exam prep materials will enable our students to do as many practices as they can before sitting the exam, enhancing their opportunity to a better result.

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